Student Work Program

Any of our riding students can take advantage of our student work program throughout the year. The Double Diamond Student Work Program teaches commitment and responsibility. We look for lesson students who are interested in fine tuning and expanding on their riding, training, and horsemanship skills. The working students gain valuable insight and hands-on skills, and work alongside and learn from a staff of equine professionals. To be eligible for the working student program applicants must be the appropriate age, holding appropriate grades in school, enrolled in the Double Diamond lesson program, and have reliable transportation to and from the barn on their shift days.

This is an educational program only, and working students volunteer only in exchange for valuable experience in the equine industry on and off the horse. Many working students are working for references to obtain a job in the equine industry or other fields in the future, for additional horsemanship instruction outside of regular weekly lessons, and to learn all aspects of horse management.

Working students also learn important skills that can assist them in all aspects of life: working with a team, working independently, responsibility, goal setting, time management, work ethics, focus on an objective, problem solving, patience, leadership, and self confidence.

Double Diamond management is happy to provide references for working students who have demonstrated their proficiency in our program.

Students must be hard working and determined, with a desire to learn and succeed. Must be able to work independently and be a team player.

Duties will include:  
daily barn chores, feed, turn out, muck stalls, clean, water horses, groom, tack up and down, administer first aid treatments, and assisting instructors.

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Working Student Program & Horse Leasing Program
Horse Leasing Program

Horse ownership without any of the cost and responsibilities of owning your own horse.

~ The Very Popular & Affordable Alternative ~ 

We offer a comprehensive and surprisingly affordable program of monthly leases. Leases are designed to allow clients all the pleasure and benefits of horse ownership without the large financial responsibility that comes with purchasing and owning a horse of their own. 

This program presents the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship and bond with a horse that is NOT normally possible when just taking lessons. Young people benefit, especially, not just from learning how to ride, but from the responsibility of taking care of an animal. Working with horses, teaches numerous life skills, not to mention an increase in confidence and self-esteem.  

Adults and young people alike will benefit from the stress relief that comes through interacting with a horse. Regular riding promotes limberness and physical conditioning because it exercises all of the major muscle groups. It is a weight bearing exercise which is very good for bone development in young people and maintaining strong bones in adults. 

Leasing a horse means that you don't have the expenses or responsibility associated with owning your own horse. You just need to love horses, enjoy being around and riding them, and have a desire to learn!  

With regular leased riding, your progression is much quicker. We want you to have a horse that you can ride, enjoy, and learn from. 

~ Terms ~

In a lease, you will be able to ride one of our well trained horses regularly to obtain the many benefits that come from riding in safe, comfortable surroundings. All tack and equipment is supplied with the lease, including grooming tools, halters, leads, saddles, bridles, etc., at NO additional cost.

Horses are only leased to current students in the riding school!​

Contact us for more information!