Beginner - For the true beginner. In this class you will learn how to halter, lead, groom and tack a horse, knot tying and safety awareness. While mounted you will learn how to walk and trot independently in an arena with others and steer a horse through an obstacle course. Balance is a crucial component learned at this stage.

Novice -Beyond the true beginner skills. Our class advances the skills such as stirrup and girth adjustments, balance, steering/control, coordination, problem solving and organization. Skills at the trot such as 2-point position, circles, serpentines and figure 8's become a focus. A student may spend as many sessions as necessary at this level to become competent before going on to the intermediate level.

Intermediate - Has mastered the beginner/intermediate skills. This class will add skills such as bending exercises for the horse, lateral movements, different lengths of stride and pace, and how to get the horse "on the bit". This will be coordinated with learning the basics of jumping class, dressage or western reining.

Advanced - Our advanced class is for refinement and polish in jumping, dressage and western reining. This course will be a collaboration between the rider and the instructor to determine the specific content.

All classes have a set curriculum. Riders will need to show proficiency in order to advance to the next class. Due to the importance of understanding and practicing the basics, many individuals may need to repeat a level until they are comfortable with the skills they have acquired.

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Please note: 
Horseback riding is a strenuous, and physically/mentally demanding activity.  This sport requires balance, coordination, and core strength.  If a person has health issues that would prevent them from playing any other sport, then horseback riding activities may not be for them.
Private Lessons
One on one lesson with the instructor.
(Prices are subject to change at anytime.)

90 minutes $100
Initial first lesson, mandatory for every student.

Ages 4-6
30 minute lessons $55/ lesson

Ages 7- adult 
Weekday lessons: (M-F 10am-6pm)
50 minute 
$75/ lesson per person

Weekend lessons:
50 minutes 
$100/ lesson per person

Semi-private lessons:
 60 minutes 
$60/ lesson per person

I understand the following strict policies insure me access to dependable horses and responsible instructors: My riding lessons are paid, in advance, and are nonrefundable. If I do not pay for my lessons at the time they are scheduled, I risk losing my preferred ride time to another rider. I can make up a missed lesson when I give greater than 24 hour notice that the lesson will be missed. Lessons missed with less than 24 hours notice will not be made up, even if the absence is caused by unforeseeable illness or situation. Missed lessons must be made up within two months or they will be forfeited; and they cannot be made up once I have terminated my lesson program. It is my responsibility to schedule my make-ups with my instructor. If at any time I am 10 minutes late or more I will be considered absent for my lesson and forfeit instruction for that day.