Indoor Arena stalls:                                                                             South Barn Stalls:
   12X12 with 30' attached turnouts (mat floors)                                                      12X12 box stalls 3 days a week turnout included
                                                                                                                                  12X24 large box stall with 30’ attached turnout 

                                          Pony Barn Stalls                                           East Barn Stalls: (under construction finished date 8/14-12/15)
  10X10 with 30' attached turnouts                                                                           10X20 with 40' attached turnout 

A $250/ stall non-refundable deposit is required to reserve any stall.
We are currently running at 95-100% full on our boarding however, we are in the process of adding on so please 
reserve your stall as soon as possible to guarantee availability!

Grass hay and alfalfa are always top quality! All of our hay is contracted out to ensure the best quality for your horses. 
Equilene 14:6 pelleted Bluebonnet feed is provided and included in the price. 

All horses boarded at Double Diamond are on a de-worming and vaccination schedule. These will be provided for your horse(s) at an additional cost. Yearly vaccinations are required along with a yearly Coggins test. All horses must be de-wormed every 3 months.  

***Veterinarian, Equine Chiropractic, and Farrier services are also available.***

Full Care Boarding
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All horses boarded at Double Diamond must be on a full care program.  We cannot allow for owners to feed themselves, as we can not store hay other than our own.  
Sorry for any inconvenience.
Thank you for your interest in boarding with us! 
All monthly boarding includes daily stall cleaning, fresh water as needed, hay and grain fed twice daily and full use of the facility.  

Prices range from $400-$550 depending on the size of the stall.  
Prices are subject to change at any time!